Govt Jobs for Architects 2014: New Jobs Opening for Architects

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One of the oldest professions that originated along with the development of this Earth is architecture. People who are concerned with the mental as well as physical labour required in architecture are known as architects. Planning, designing and executing this plan and design by constructing a physical building is the main job of architects. In our modern world of industrialization where new industrial buildings and residential apartments are being planned to be made on regular basis, architects are an inseparable part of this society.

Indian government own tremendous amount of land and apartments within the country. Many of these are banks, railway buildings, residential apartments and tax buildings. Government departments of different states hire several architects for construction of new buildings as well as for fixing old or damaged ones. Government sector hire architects on two different basis; package basis and contract basis. In package basis, government appoints architect for a particular period of time (say, one year) and pay them a particular sum of money irrespective of work done by them. In this basis, architects need to build or repair as many buildings as government official orders, unless there is certain limitations mentioned in their deed. On the other hand, in contract basis, architects are appointed by government after making a deed in which architect’s charge and contract’s terms and conditions are mentioned. In this basis, architects are not responsible for any other construction work other than the one for which they have been appointed.

Government basically pay huge sum of money to architectural firms and also offer several extra benefits. In a year, some architectural firms get package of about 50 lakhs rupees. For an astounding career, an architectural firm only needs to impress government department and crack a deal for long time period. Hence, Architects have terrific career opportunities in government sector.

The persons who are interested to do job as a Architects should visit this page daily by bookmarking this page. We list here all the new jobs opening for Architects in various government sectors.

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